Sunday, 29 April 2012

My first post on my first blog


I thought the first post I would share is the photo of my new craft room!  I have only been able to craft in the loft before so when circumstances changed I moved out of the loft down to the spare room as quickly as possible!  Ian and I had great fun painting the room and isn't his handy work just grand?!  I thought I would also share the before shot in the process of moving everything down from the loft....  What a mess eh?  But I am one happy lady with my awesome new room where it's nice and warm and where I don't have to wait for it to heat and get a runny nose unlike the loft (brrrrrrrrr.....).



Linda said...

A lovely crafting working place to craft! Good luck in your journey in blog land. I look forward to seeing your blog progress over the years and months. I have just become your 3rd follower xxx

Linda xxxx

Lou said...

Thanks Linda! I'm just going to find your blog now :) xxx

Gill McCall said...

Hey lou, well you finally made it then into blogger land, how long ago was it now that we spoke about it !! LOL seems like years.
Glad you got your own craft room now - looking good girl.
Will watch out for all the craftyness that you will be posting x

Lou said...

Hi Gill!! haha god I know, it was ACTUALLY years ago lol,I'm some happy with my wee room, I just feel like now I can craft WHENEVER I WANT instead of waiting for the loft to heat up or going up there with lots of layers on and getting a runny nose (nice!)lol.Now i can just nip through to the spare room any time of the day-I feel like i'm brand new at everything again! :) I can't wait to get following lots of blogs and entering blog challenges (i'm heading your way first gill!) :) xxx

Shazza said...

ooooh how jealous am I, wish I had my own wee room, need to wait til my boys leave home....