Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Our Cleaner's semi retirement card

Good evening all, I thought I would share with you the very recent card I made on behalf of my work to our cleaner who "semi" retired last Friday. I've had this paper nation decoupage for so long and what better card to use it for?! It was a big A4 card (it needed to be for everyone in the firm) and I had to warn people when they were signing it "DON'T LEAN TO HARD ON THE INSIDE OF THE FRONT COVER!" Well I couldn't have them squashing the card now could I?! Not after it took so long to do. So anyway, Nessie, our cleaner was thrilled with it, she was overwhelmed with all the messages folk had written inside, and even took me aside to say thank you alone for the card - hearing that makes it all worth while, I was very touched :) xx


Gill McCall said...

What a really neat card - bet she loved it x

Lou said...

Hi Gill! Yeah she did, she was very moved and actually thanked me for the effort I put into the card?! It was lovely! xx

andy trucker terry said...

Hi lou, great little card, good luck with your wee buisness!! xx